what we do

Capital Lending Solutions, Inc. is a boutique consultancy specializing in franchises and SBA lending. Our proven process and established network of compliant lenders streamlines the capital procurement process, while providing the most attractive loan structure that is catered to the borrower's individual circumstances and needs. Whether you are trying to fund a startup, own a franchise, purchase or grow an existing business, we are committed to helping you navigate the process so you can focus on your new investment.


fact-find & discover

We first need to better understand your aims, professional experience, and available resources. This will help identify critical areas for us to add value as we help coach you through the application process.

build & refine

While you work on consolidating the required information and documentation, we will go to work refining the business plan and building the financial models that serve as a framework for your loan.

package & Market

Lastly, we will package your application and take it to market through our network of preferred lenders.

value add

Speed & Efficiency

It typically takes +90 days from independent application submission to loan close, our average turnaround time is 30 days.

Best Practice

Throughout our conversations, we will leverage and share proven best practices across multiple areas: cash injection and partner sources, entity site selection and lease negotiation, sales and marketing strategy, etc.

Lender Knowledge

Our years of experience with SBA lenders has taught us what they prefer to see in an applicant, and the areas that are targeted for scrutiny. This knowledge will mitigate your risk and maximize your probability for approval.

what our customers think


We too were once aspiring business owners, faced with a frustrating and opaque marketplace: full of exorbitant fees, hidden charges, layers of bureaucracy and poor communication. As entreprenuers often do, we identified a market opportunity through our experience, where a new type of firm based on honesty, integrity, transparency, commitment and communication would thrive. Since the spring of 2004, we have witnessed our approach excel and are proud to have worked with +200 franchisees, facilitating over $135MM in capital

who we are

We are a close-knit team of successful franchisees and area developers with proven and diverse expertise across a variety of operational business functions. We have a passion for helping people and stimulating an economy that depends on small business growth

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